Facebook – November 2017

Anna says:
Alistair is fab, helps you on an individual basis but you’re exercising as a group and it’s up to you how hard you push yourself. You can really feel it the next day if you want to! Love it.

Facebook — September 2017

Kim says:
Such a fun workout and it is definitely helping to reduce the mum tum! Really wish I could come more often. Look forward to the next sesh I can make (even the boxing)!

Facebook – March 2017

Gayle says:
I can’t thank you enough for keeping me fit during my maternity year and also for keeping it fun. I look forward to my buggy boot camp sessions every week! 🙂 It is an amazing workout and also really good fun. Rain or shine, the classes are awesome! And babies enjoy them too! At least mine does 😉
Al is a great motivator and a really nice and patient guy, he’ll push us to work hard but always understands if we need to stop to look after our babies.

Netmums — February 2012

Jenny says:
BuggyBootcamp is a great way of exercising without having to worry about who is going to look after the baby! It is a really fun and sociable way of getting fit again after pregnancy. Alastair, the instructor makes sure each week is challenging and varied. There is always something lurking in his rucksack to add a new dimension to the session – kettlebells, boxing gloves, resistance bands etc! I have been going to sessions in the Spylaw Park, Colinton for the last 3 months and can’t think of a better way of getting fit with your baby in tow. I can highly recommend BuggyBootcamp – you will have so much fun you will soon be oblivious to the strange looks of passers by as you are jogging with your buggy and doing press ups on park benches!

Netmums — August 2011

Carol says:
This is a great way to start back into an exercise regime again. Alastair, our trainer ,makes the classes varied and fun and is very encouraging when the going gets tough. Its a great way to meet other Mums and with classes running throughout the week at diffrent times and locations there’s no excuse!

Netmums — August 2011

Lisa says:
I’ve been going to BuggyBootcamp every Thursday for a few weeks now and i’m really enjoying it. The weather hasn’t been very kind to us being Scotland but the instructor has still managed to make it fun and varied every week. You’re able to work at your own pace and so far we’ve done a bit of walking/jogging/squats/lunges/weights and resistance bands-phew! Would definitely recommend.

Netmums — August 2011

Jenni says:
I’ve been to a couple of BuggyBootcamp’ classes now and both me and baby are really enjoying them. A great combination of walking/jogging and some circuit type exercises to tone that all important yummy mummy tummy and core!! A very friendly instructor and other mums make it sociable too. Highly recommended.