Can I push it?

We recommend waiting at least 6 weeks (8-12 weeks for C-section) before starting. Our workouts cater for all fitness levels and fitness needs, but if your main aim is to get you and your baby out of the house for some fresh air, then you will feel at home here too! It is vital that you get the all clear to exercise at your postnatal check up before starting this or any other exercise.

What do I need?

Apart from the obvious – a baby and a buggy, we also suggest you bring water, a waterproof jacket and rain covers for the buggy. Any buggy will do as we stick mainly to pathways around the park.

What about the weather?

This is Scotland!!!! Who knows what the weather will be like? Dress yourself and your baby in layers. Bring a buggy cover designed for protection in case of rain or wind. In the rare event a session is cancelled we will update the Facebook page -The feed is visible on the website.

Need a little more 1 on 1 time?

Not sure if you are ready to join in a group, or just need a little more time and nutrition advice? Personal Training sessions available, with or without the buggy.

What about the baby?

Your baby is the most important thing to you and to us, so if you need a little time out during the session don’t worry. We usually stay in the same area for most of the time, so you can easily rejoin the group whenever you’re ready.