Welcome to EBBC

Are you looking for a fun and friendly fitness class for new parents?
Since 2011 Edinburgh BuggyBootcamp has been offering affordable and inclusive group fitness sessions for new mums (and dads) and their kids (and buggies) in the parks of Edinburgh. This is your chance to have fun get fit and meet like-minded parents!

But where to start and what to do?

Check out to the map below to find your nearest BuggyBootcamp and refer to the timetable tab above for when the next session is taking place and exact meeting location.

There’s no need to book, but you do need to get the all clear to get back to exercise. All levels are welcome. Sessions are pitched to suit your needs so you can push yourself too.

We follow a tailor-made programme with elements of cardio, strength, posture and those all important core muscle exercises that will have you back into shape in no time!

Alastair Davidson

Fitness Trainer Alastair Davidson

When can I start?

Our workouts cater for all fitness levels and fitness needs, but if …

What do I need?

Apart from the obvious a – baby and a buggy, we also suggest you …

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